Walking cane with light and alarm

Replaces ALL canes and walking sticks! This walking stick and cane with light and alarm, provides security and safety for yourself and the ones you love, with both a high decible personal alarm for emergencies and a bright spotlight for dark situations (hallways, predawn/dusk, power failures). The lighted cane and walking stick is medically approved and Dr. recommended. It is beautifully crafted, foldable, durable and light weight for ease of use.

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Security multipurpose cane with light, alarm, and safety flasher. DR. RECOMMENDED!



DataIcon.gif AARP Approved
DataIcon.gif Loud Emergency Alarm Button
DataIcon.gif Powerful Light for Dark Areas
DataIcon.gif Red Flashing Light for Safety
DataIcon.gif Foldable / Light Weight / Durable / Adjustable
Medically Approved & Dr. Recommended
Ergonomically designed
DataIcon.gif FREE Deluxe Safety Strap
HEAVY DUTY Sure Grip Tip. Free Upgrade

Press button once for bright spotlight.
Press button again for red safety LED flasher
Press button for 3 seconds for emergency alarm

Personal message from the CEO of M. S. GLOBAL

My dad died 2 years ago from a heart attack. He collapsed while taking his daily walk along the waterfront that he loved so much. He was 85 years old. Unfortunately, no one was near enough to see him fall. By the time someone had gotten to him, it was too late. I strongly believe that if he had had a product like the MULTIPURPOSE SPOTLIGHT CANE, he could have sounded the emergency alarm and may have still been alive today.

Maurie Sandler

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