accupressure points for lower back pain, arthritis, and other aches and pains

Acupressure Guide

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This special booklet shows you over 100 points on your body that cure what ails you. Its natural, safe, and effective. See AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATIONS findings below.

Acupressure Booklet

DataIcon.gif Learn 8 highly effective points that relieve Migraines. {page 18}
DataIcon.gif Stress and Tension? Try one of these 10 points. {page 19}
DataIcon.gif Try these 3 points to prevent colds and flue. {page 21}
DataIcon.gif Sore throat? This spot on the thumb relieves that raw pain. {page 22}
DataIcon.gif Insomnia?  These points will guarantee a good  sleep! {page 42}
DataIcon.gif Neck Pain? Try these 8 points for quick relief. {page 41}
DataIcon.gif Stop Hiccups! 1 spot on your ear does it quickly. {page 39}
DataIcon.gif Depression? Therapists have used this technique for years. {page 37}
DataIcon.gif Vertigo? Try these 4 points to stop dizziness. {page 30}
DataIcon.gif Constipation! Use these 3 quick pressure points. {page 28}
DataIcon.gif Make sciatica pain go away! {page 36}


The American Medical Association made public their findings earlier this year, that the science of relieving pain using certain points on the body, is not only very effective, but is, in fact, already being used by many doctors around the world in relieving post operative pain, and conditions such as, insomnia, headaches, depression, stress, and arthritis.

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