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What Our Customers Are Saying

"We wanted to thank you for your DX610 electronic pest repeller. We bought two from your company. It has totally gotten rid of all of the roaches and mice".

Susan P. from New York

"I have had items like this in the past without much success. Your product is AMAZING. After days my kitchen is mouse free. This is my second order.

Thanks much".

Dennis R. from New York

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Electronic Pest Control Repellers for Mice, Rodents, and Rat Control

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Get Rid of Mice and Rats with the DX610 Electronic Pest Repeller

The most often asked questions from our customers are how to get rid of the mouse in your house, how to get rid of rats (rat control), what is the best, most effective, top rated, natural, non-chemical rodent, mouse, rat, mice repeller plug in (ultrasonic) for the home, office, warehouse, or workplace, best pest repeller devices, and how to drive out spiders, roaches, ants, waterbugs, and other insects. Please read on.....

Once Rodents, Rats, or Mice get inside your home it is critical that you take action to drive them back out again as soon as possible. The DX610 Electronic Pest Control Repeller may help to do just that.

Regardless of how new or clean your home is, there is an army of intruders just waiting for a chance to get inside. Pests like to be indoors for the same reasons you do - warmth, food, water, shelter - and they have any number of ways to get in.

As you know, Rodents, Rats, Mice, can be very destructive to your home itself and to your health as well. They can chew through home wiring and automobile wiring too, and gnaw on wood. They carry deseases. They can quickly multiply if left unattended, and create a major infestation.

Utilizing a product like the DX610 Electronic Pest Control Repeller, when used with good pest control management, is a smart decision for Rodent Control, Mice Control, or Rat control in your home, or work environment.

We are often asked if there is anything else that can be done to help get rid of the problem?

The answer is Yes!

Make sure that any openings to your home are properly sealed. Mice and Rats can get in through very small spaces the size of a nickle. Holes in the roof for example, openings around chimneys, holes in the roof vents , basement vents, or attic vents, ventilation ducts, cracks in the foundation, or open spaces between the foundation and the siding offer an accessable means of entry into you home. Open doors and windows also offer an easy way for Rodents, Mice, Rats, to get into your home. There are many ways, as you can see, for the Rodents to get into your home.

In addition to sealing off and repairing any cracks, there are other things that should be done as well. Make sure that the areas around the perimeter of your home are cleaned of debris and weeds. Cut the tall grasses and weeds around the home or office, eliminate any piles of debris, and secure any storage containers so rodents, like rats and mice can't seek shelter. For trash cans, secure the lids. For compost containers, make sure they are covered and latched.

The interior of your home, especially the kitchen, is a primary target for Rodents like Mice, Rats or field mice, and insects, so keep the counters clean, and all food tightly sealed. Eliminate leaky faucets, fix leaky pipes, don't leave food on the floor for your pets at night, remove the clutter from you counters, and keep your kitchen sink clean and free of food particles.

Look around your home for any of these signs of problem areas. Correct the problems as soon as possible. In addition, we recommend that you place at least one DX610 Electronic Pest Control Repeller on each floor for ongoing maintenance assistance for Rodent Control, Mice Control, or Rat Control. Keep the unit plugged in even after you have achieved success.


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